Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basket Raffle: Letter From Angela

Christmas Basket Raffle 2010

Hello to all and hoping everyone is keeping warm on these chilly days. Cross your fingers that spring is almost here.

Now that everyone has settled into the new year, I want to say a huge thank you to all you parents that contributed to the basket raffle this year. The themes that were chosen for the classrooms, was a new approach to the raffle, itself. Parents and students rallied together to make this a success. We have a great support system amongst our community.

I would also like to send out a Thank you to all my volunteers, that without them I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. So, thank you to Michelle R, Sarah C, Sarah L, and Kristie A. Ladies you were wonderful and Thank you.

Thank you again for the support of Teachers and staff for all their help and patience.

I look forward to next years raffle and I know it will be just as successful as this year.

Thank you,

Angela Lively.

Outdoor School!

Our grade five/six students and staff are immersed in the joys of Outdoor School at Camp Chief Hector, at the Rocky Mountain YMCA site near Mount Yamnuska. While the weather is chilly, students are loving the outdoor activities, the new friends, the great food, and the excitement of learning in such a majestic setting. Today, while another group embarked on a winter hike (complete with warm up areas), we spent a brief time outside, spent time inside a log cabin, warmed by the wood burning stove while we played the economy game, and now are about to set off for "Predator-Prey". This just happens to be a personal favorite where students are assigned animal roles (small herbivore, small carnivore, large herbivore, large carnivore, human impact, disease, etc.). This elaborate "tag" game, emulates an animal's life in the wild and is wildly fun. Later, I expect we'll dine on a fantastic meal (roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots were yesterday's dinner), then do some activities, journaling, campfire, and bed by 9:30. I'm not sure about the kids, but I'm pretty sure I'll need the shut eye.

That's all for now...

Mr. B.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Canada's Story

Told in countless back yards, community locations, ponds, and local barns; Canada's story can be traced, tracked, and monitored on the ice of our nation. They are the meeting halls of our kids and our great-grandparents.

Our own chapter was highlighted in this story that ran in the Calgary Herald.

Our local 'ice-man' who organizes and works Queensland's sheet is known to most of you, Pang is front and center in the story and his words best describe the value of the community outdoor rink. Give it a read and thank him and his crew the next time you see them. Viva la Volunteer!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Documentary: Americans Take Hard Look At Education

This case-study analysis of the state of American education was sent in by a parent who thought it may interest our readers - thanks Monika.

"Waiting for Superman" details a small sampling of children who aspire to great things through an education system that is almost impossible to access. The bottom line is the higher education that these kids are reaching for is mostly unattainable; a system that was once taken for granted is leaving behind the untapped potential of bright kids.

Directed by Academy award winner Davis Guggenheim, the movie addresses questions regarding the dire decline in educational access in the US. What about Canada?

From a Canadian perspective; the lesson could be that the price for accessible, quality education is constant diligence. We are lucky to live in a country that provides this access but we need to fight to maintain it and that is the gist of the Canadian links from the Waiting for Superman site. Another lesson could be to appreciate what we have, as Monika says,
"After I watched it I realized how lucky we are in Canada with our education system. I thought if people saw this they would really understand that there is not much to complain about here yet. I sure have an amazing appreciation for all our teachers after watching what American teachers are allowed to get away with, and of course not being able to fire them. Very scary and disturbing."
Go here to read about the national state of our education system and some case studies of our own.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Calgary's Chief of Police Speaks About "Cool" Parents

In a speech yesterday by Rick Hanson (Calgary's top cop), he gave stern warning to this generation's 'cool parents'. In his address to the Lion's Club, he also warned of the dangers of crystal meth, and stated that children who haven't learned right from wrong by the time they leave elementary school never will... a plethora of quotable quotes. I can't seem to find the entire speech, which sounds like good reading but will keep looking. If you find it, please post the link in the comments.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Calgary Minor Soccer Association Response

We recently publish a blog entry that talked about a CBC article that suggested Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) was going to eliminate keeping the score in some of their games. It seems that the article may have jumped the gun a bit. Here is the response from the CMSA.

"Is CMSA eliminating reporting scores and standings for under 12 games?"

"The simple answer is no."

Canadian Idol

Students and staff were entertained by another presentation from the Canadiana Musical Theatre Company (CMTC) on Tuesday, Feb. 8th. The presentation was funded by the HMSPA and served as yet another way the Association supports the arts and learning within the school. Performers regaled the audience, in song, about the adventures of Captain Cook, John Cabot, David Thompson and many other early explorers, using the "schtick" of "American Idol."

Thanks again to the Parent Association for funding this informative and entertaining presentation.

Province pushes charter schools for feedback

(From the CBC website)

Some of Alberta's charter schools are not living up to their mandate, the province says.

The schools, set up in the 1990s to provide more choice and to find new ways to deliver education, are supposed to teach other schools about innovative learning.

Part of the agreement was that the charter would do research on their own methods and pass it along.

Education Minister Dave Hancock said this week that that's not happening.

Read more here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scoreless soccer considered for Calgary

Has anyone else read this article on scoreless soccer? Anyone have any comments? An interesting quote from the article:

"Let's face it, you know, we're in a win situation every day of our life."

Take a read - and please offer your thoughts by clicking on the comments link below.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food Dye Affects Our Children

This article was sent in for the blog by Monika - thanks. The basic implication is that children with ADD/ADHD are affected adversely by the dyes in our food - "kids brains absorb approximately 50% of what they eat". This is a good read too.

Also this, from the wikipedia entry:

"Several major studies show academic performance increased and disciplinary problems decreased in large non-ADD student populations when artificial ingredients, including artificial colors, were eliminated from school food programs."
Pretty scary to think that something so prevalent in our diets could have such a fundamental affect on our kids.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Survey Problems

I have heard from some readers that they are having trouble with the 'submit' button.

Some people receive their blog posts in email so you don't need to follow the links to the actual blog. The submit button won't show up in the body of your email. In that case you have to go to the website and answer the survey on the blog.

Sorry about the confusion. Click here so you can submit your preference.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Survey: Pick the Yearbook Cover

Haultain's 2010/2011 Yearbook authors have asked for your help in choosing the cover you would like to see on the latest yearbook. Please use this survey form to choose your favourite from the FIVE entries below. If you want

Combatting childhood obesity

A Haultain parent found this article on, and asked us to post it. They thought it would spark some interesting discussion, and get some dialogue around childhood obesity started. It's a great idea. It's not getting any better.

Stay warm out there - it's meant to warm up again by the middle of the week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

All-boys school program may go ahead this fall in Calgary

By Sean Myers, Calgary Herald

The Calgary Board of Education could add a new all-boys program as early as September following strong public feedback on the proposal.

The board has received about 200 expressions of interest from parents on a proposal to start a Grade 1-5 boys-only program for the 2011-12 school year.

Administrators are now reviewing the public feedback to determine if there is enough to warrant the program.

Read more here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TED produces a great series of videos.

Outdoor School Parent Meeting Tonight

... for parents of children in grades five and six who are attending Outdoor School. It's at 7pm in the gymnasium.

February's Newsletter

Interested to know about the grade one and two trip to the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation area in late January? What's going on in room five? The writer's workshop in rooms eight and nine? About how the Parent Association provided lunch for some hungry floor hockey players? How about how the Purple People Eaters wreaked havoc in the gymnasium?

Click here to read Haultain's February newsletter.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the National Post...

Did anyone else read this story that was in the Globe and Mail recently? It makes you appreciate the great administration and staff at Haultain when you read about experiences like this. I also saw this article on the CBE website about Wilma Hansen's recent Renaissance celebration - worth a read!