Tuesday, February 4, 2014

System-wide Technology Outage Feb 15-17

From the CBE:

"The Calgary Board of Education will have a system-wide technology outage over the Family Day long weekend (Feb. 15-17) while our Information Technology (IT) Services works with Internet and telecommunication service providers on enhancements.
During this time there will be no access to any CBE computer system or application, including: internal and external websites, network drives/folders, CBE email, student Gmail, and CBE applications such as SIRS and D2L.

Staff, students and parents are encouraged to make alternative arrangements to complete work or activities that would require CBE computer systems.

Frequently asked questions

Why are all network systems going down at the same time?
Over the Family Day long weekend, IT Services together with internet and telecommunication service providers on system enhancements. This important work is required to ensure the technical environment is stable and secure.

Why are you doing this now?
There is no ideal time to do a system-wide shut down. This weekend was chosen after consulting with key stakeholders to determine the best possible/least disruptive time to conduct this work.

I still have work that needs to be done over that weekend, what can I do?
You will need to make other arrangements to complete work requiring access to CBE system or application – please plan accordingly; either working offline, completing prior to the outage or postponing until systems are available."

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