Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy Wars

Sarah Boesveld, Globe and Mail

They're the five words most likely to preface a mother's position when the topic of child care comes up: “I'm not one to judge.”

Mommy wars? What mommy wars?

The tussle between moms who stay at home to care for their children and moms who head to the office has historically divided women: Stay-at-home moms resented working moms for shipping the children off to daycare in pursuit of the almighty dollar and professional satisfaction. Working moms resented stay-at-home moms for wasting their potential and perpetuating the housewife stereotype.

But in recent years, Canadian mothers say, the conversation about child care choices has become more conciliatory in tone. As the work force has changed, moms are more polite and respectful of the decisions they make for themselves and the ones life makes for them. Mothers who spend their days in cubicle land are friends with moms who spend them on the playground – and they know full well they may eventually switch places.

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