Friday, June 19, 2009

Rethinking child safety online

Globe and mail

Rowan Trollope was concerned about his son, Perry. Like many parents, he wondered what his teenager was up to online – and was looking for a way to keep track of he was doing. But unlike most parents, the solution Mr. Trollope came up with helped initiate a whole new approach to online security.

He wrote and quietly installed a program onto Perry's computer, in order to monitor the teen's behaviour and stream a feed of the activity to his own computer's desktop.

“That allowed me to have a few conversations that I needed to have with him that otherwise would have never been had, never known and remained completely submerged,” said Mr. Trollope, senior vice-president of consumer products at security software maker Symantec Corp. of Cupertino, Calif.


  1. Wow - nothing like have the Vice-President of Symantec as your Dad! Seems he should be motivated to provide a secure environment. I am going to try this... I'll comment on the results when I'm done, its free for now.

  2. We also have this, and Mike has been monitoring Megan. some how I thing he is actually monitoring me though.